How to Make a Handbag Birthday Michael Kors Outlet Online Cake

Posted on January 9th, 2013

Making a handbag birthday cake is an easy way to make a unique and personalized Michael Kors Outlet Online birthday cake for someone special. Once the cake is made, you can personalize it by adding the birthday girl's initials on the side or decorate with candy jewels in her favorite color. This is the kind of cake that will look like it took hours to make and in reality, it should take less than an hour.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Make a Handbag-Shaped CakePurse Birthday Cake IdeasThings You'll NeedCake mixIngredients on the cake mix boxFrostingTwo pieces of licoriceCandy to decorate the cakeShow MoreInstructions 1Bake a 9-inch round cake. Follow the baking instructions on the box. When the cake is fully baked, allow it to cool completely on a baking rack.2Cut the cake in half down the center so you have two equal sides.3Spread frosting on the top of one half of the cake. Make sure you put the frosting in a thick layer.4Take the side of the cake you frosted and stand it up on it's flat side on the cake platter. Take the second piece of the cake and stand it up next to the first on the frosting side.5Press the two pieces together so that the frosting makes them stick to each other. At this point they should look like a half moon on the cake platter and they should stand on their own. If they do not stand well on their own, remove the two pieces, and put some frosting on the cake plate where the cake will be. Then put the cake back on the cake plate directly on the frosting.6Cover the entire cake with the colored frosting you want to be the base color of your purse.7Take two pieces of licorice, red or black, and stick the two ends of the licorice into the top of the cake so that they create a loop extending above the cake Michael Kors Outlet. These will be the handles of your purse.8Decorate the purse with candy and frosting any way that you would like.Tips & WarningsIf you are having trouble getting the candy to stick to the sides of your purse, simply add more frosting. You can also decorate the purse by adding a pattern to it in a different colored frosting.The cake must be completely cooled before you can make the purse or Michael Kors Outlet could fall apart.

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